Saturday, 14 March 2009


I finally got round to blogging again!! I think the problem is that I just don't have enough interesting stuff to write about. I keep thinking that I really must try to get a social life but the sad thing is that I am obsessed with beads. There I said it - I am an addict!

My hubby just doesn't get the whole bead/colour/shiny objects thing. I just feel a constant need to fill my head with new crafts, beads, books, colour, art etc etc. My newest obsessions are resin and collage. Oh and after just watching 'About a Boy' tonight, I think Hugh Grant may join the list!

I have however still found time to make beads. These are some of my latest creations. I was really pleased with these beads - I thought they had a bit of an Egyptian look to them with the gold and blue.

I used lots of real gold leaf in this bead. Boy that stuff is a pain in the bum to use - it sticks to everything except the marver and the slightest breeze sends it flying.

I will *try* to blog more often but don't hold me to it! I'm off now to dream about beads and Hugh - sigh!