Saturday, 31 May 2008

My venture into polymer clay

I've neglected this blog recently - but didn't you just know I would!! My excuse is that I've been sucked into the world of polymer clay. I've been itching to have a go for ages now so I bought all the supplies a couple of weeks ago. The beads pictured above are made using a technique from the fab Donna Kato. I'm really pleased with these and I'm planning to make some more over the weekend in a different colour scheme.

It's really nice to be able to get 'hands on' with the clay - something not possible with hot glass - ouch!

These blue ones are made using a technique called Mokume Gane. They've got little bits of silver and some glitter in them for sparkle. I spent ages sanding to get the beads really smooth. I then polished them with a polishing motor so they've got a lovely shine.

I've also made a few lampwork beads which have now been put on the website. I really hope that some of you will give the polymer beads a try. I think it's often over looked by jewellery designers but it really is a fantastic medium. There are some amazing things that can be done with it - I hope that as I progress with it, I'm able to bring some of those to you.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Phew it's hot!!

I love to see the sunshine but I don't like the heat! It's been a tad too hot for me these past few days especially when I'm working. A small room with a low flat roof, a kiln and a hot flame do not go very well with hot weather, trust me. My oxygen concentrator tends to only manage an hour or so before it's had enough too so it's been a frustrating week for beadmaking.

We all had a day off on Thursday and went to Southwold for a day by the sea with fish and chips for lunch. It was really lovely there and considerably cooler than Norwich.

The website will be updated later tonight with a few new beads however. Here's a little preview.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Lots of pink!

I've had a bit of a pink thing recently - I think it must be the sunny weather and all the lovely pink blossoms that are on the trees. I love this set - pink and green has to be one of my favourite colour combos. I've got 4 new sets (including this one) to go in the shop sometime tomorrow.

Here's another one, this time in pale pink and lovely deep fuchsia. The other 2 sets are florals - one in my slightly whimsical style and the other is more sculptural.
Remember to have a peek at the website sometime tomorrow!

Friday, 2 May 2008

Another week gone.

Well here we are again the end of another week. I've been busy this week with commissions and orders so I haven't had any time for making new beads. I did intend to make some today but by the time we'd finished 'school' work, had lunch and I'd done a bit of tidying up (mother in law coming round!) I didn't much feel like it. Josh has got his GCSE maths and english courses now which he's been working on. He's very good at maths - I don't know where he gets that from - certainly not me. James was working on decimals the other day and he was really confused with the fact that 5 divided by 0.1 = 50. To be honest it confused me too! It wasn't till Josh explained it to both of us that it made sense. Home schooling is a learning process for all of us it seems.