Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Swine flu strikes!!

Ah well it had to happen didn't it? If anyone in our family was going to get it was going to be me!

I hadn't felt particularly good all last week - sore throat, headache, sweaty etc but not really that ill. A couple of times my mum said 'you don't think it's swine flu do you?' I felt a bit better on Friday but Saturday morning I started to feel a bit odd. By the time hubby came home at lunchtime I thought something was not right so he phoned the doctors. The doctor came out at around 5 and confirmed as much as they can without swabs/tests etc that I did have it and gave me some Tamiflu.

By 7 o'clock I was feeling awful - I had the mother of all headaches, I was hot then freezing cold, I ached everywhere and then came 2 hours of being physically sick. I couldn't even keep the tiniest drop of water down so I couldn't take any painkillers. Hubby had to go out at 9 to a late night chemist to get me something to stop the sickness which thankfully meant that I could take paracetamol (and keep them down) at about 10 o'clock so finally my high temperature and headache subsided for a few hours.

So here I am on Tuesday, day 4 and this is the first day without a headache. I still feel a bit sick and light headed and I haven't got much energy but I'm on the mend. I think it will be another couple of days before I get to work again. I just hope hubby and the boys don't come down with it. Can you imagine it - a man with proper flu!! God help us!

Monday, 6 July 2009

New jewellery website

Is it really over 3 months since I last blogged!! I've been kind of side tracked for the last few weeks as I've been trying to get my jewellery up and running. I've finally listed a few things on Etsy and I'm planning to list more pieces over the coming weeks. I know that Etsy is pretty slow at the moment especially for newbies like me so I'm prepared for it to take a while to get going.

I won't be using my lampwork beads to make my jewellery so don't worry - there'll still be beads for you to buy!! Besides you all make such beautiful things with them - I don't think I could compete!

I do have some lampwork beads to list on my website a bit later today. A lovely customer from Canada who is back in the UK for a while had asked for some beads so I've kept everything back until she popped round this morning.

The weather has been so unbearably hot and humid that it was near impossible to make beads. Thank goodness it's cooled down now.

If anyone wants to 'heart' my Rose and Raven etsy shop I'll return the favour.