Thursday, 3 December 2009

The magic of a chiropractor!

It's December and I haven't even thought about Christmas presents - omg where has the year gone to? I suppose we'll have to dig the tree out at the weekend. Last year we went for blue and silver but to be honest I'm a bit fed up with all the designer colour themed thing now. This year I'm going back to how I remember Christmas as a kid - multicoloured fairy lights and all kinds of decorations on the tree.

I went for my first treatment at a chiropractor today. My neck and shoulders have been getting more and more stiff and painful over the last couple of years. It's got to the point where I'm getting headaches every day, I can barely turn my head to the side and I'm spending way too much time with either a hot water bottle or a bag of frozen peas on my neck.

Having my necked cracked a couple of times was certainly an experience but that along with some deep muscle treatment has really helped. Hopefully a few more sessions will sort me out.

My little cat is doing well at the moment. After his embolism in his back legs I really thought we had lost him but he has surprised us all by making a full recovery. I have to inject him every day with blood thinning meds which I think are making a huge difference. We're keeping everything crossed that he will remain stable for a while as yet.

I've been busy catching up on made to order beads but I have a few sets that I'll try to get listed tomorrow.