Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Lampwork beadies.

I finally got round to putting my growing stash of beads in the shop tonight. I made these ones yesterday using the crunch press. I haven't used this one for ages. To be honest, it's been sitting there with a heap of enamel powder on it for months
that I kept meaning to clear off! Anyway I'm pleased with these ones - the colours go beautifully together and encasing really makes a difference. These have teal and pale peridot encased over turquoise.

I made some more floral lentils at the weekend. These ones have lavender flowers on pale blue bases. I etched these and I think they look even better like this than shiny - the colours seem to pop a bit more. There's something about etched beads - they
look and feel so good.
I've got lots of work to do on my website - I need to update the customer gallery and links pages. If you've emailed me pictures of your creations, I will get them on there soon - I promise. Sorry it's taken so long and thanks for sending them to me. I love to see what you've done with my beads so if any of you have any pictures that you'd like to go on the gallery page, please send them to me.

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