Sunday, 28 September 2008

Silver glass beads

I've never been a follower of trends - things tend to just pass me by most of the time. Silver glass for instance. I've really only just started playing with it....I've had rods sitting in my glass stash for ages. So last week I thought I should use some of it up. Now I can see why everyone loves it so much! I'm so pleased with the beads I made - the lustres and dreamy blue-greens are gorgeous. I love this focal bead - I think it's very Monet looking. This set of nugget beads is made with the newest silver glass..Triton. I think I'll have to play more with this one.

This next set of beads is one of my all time favourites - something about the rich blues and greens that seem so mystical and dreamy. I'm looking forward to getting into my studio tomorrow to play some more!


BeadyPool said...

Gorgous Rachel, the pillow shaped beads are very wearable.

Earth and Fire beads said...

Thanks Veryan - they are a great shape aren't they. Nice and sleek and comfortable.

BeadyPool said...

Hi Rachel,
I have just tagged you, check out my blog if you want to join in Vx

Ali P said...

Hi Rachel, Veryan has beaten me to it, I have also tagged you- if yo do decide to join in you only need to post one set of responses not two ;)
Hope you are OK,
Ali x