Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Spiders everywhere!!

I don't know whether it's the time of year but I've had 4 MASSIVE spiders in the house in the last few days. Last week I got up during the night to go to the bathroom and there on the wall was number 1. I got that and put it out of the window, happened to look up and there was number 2. This was THE biggest spider I've ever seen - no kidding it was huge! This beast measured 7cm front to back including its nasty hairy legs. In case you're wondering how I know, I took note of its position on the pattern of the wallpaper - clever eh? After a long saga at 4.30 in the morning involving the vacuum cleaner attachment and a cat (don't ask) I managed to get it and put it out.

Since then there have been two more - one that met it's end thanks to the cats and the other I put outside. I really, really hate spiders!

Lets move onto nicer things - beads! I've put some new lampwork beads in the shop tonight. These are button shaped with lots of flowers and goldstone scrolls on pale blue bases.

These ones are 'Earth Mix' and 'Mosiacs'.


Ali P said...

Hi Rachel, I read your post and honestly it could have been written about me - I too **hate hate hate** spiders, and you are absolutely right about this time of year - a friend at work and I have unofficially named it 'Spider Season', apparently this is the time they mate or something, so move out of their usual haunts and invade the house (I really wish they wouldn't!) I was just thinking the other day that I haven't seen as many as I was expecting to see (I've only had a run in with a couple so far) but I think that my littlest cat (just over a year old now) is keeping them at bay - what a star :0)
I loved the Mosaic bead set - no surprise that it flew out of your store ;0)
Ali x

LisaBabe said...

I love spiders. In fact even make them out of crystals.

Love the blog, Rachel - your beads are absolutely stunning - I've added a link on my blog - hope you don't mind.

Lisa xoxo

Nia said...

We have a spider outbreak here too, but I'm not so bothered by them. It's the slugs that are really getting to me, especially around the back door - uurrgghhhhh!!! And worst of all, when I go to pick tomatoes from the greenhouse, I invariably end up gently squeezing a few when I pluck the toms from the vine! Oh it makes me feel sick!
Great beads btw! Sorry, got carried away with creepy-crawlies!