Thursday, 17 April 2008

Hectic day!

What a hectic day I've had. I seem to have been rushing about all day. It was my Dads 65th birthday so I thought I'd make him a cake. But me being me I left it till the last minute. Josh (my eldest) had to be at the school for 3 0'clock to practise for a concert. For those of you that don't know I home school both my boys but Josh still joins in and plays guitar at the after school Rock Club. I got back from the weekly shop at Tesco about 1.30, unpacked it & did some lunch for the boys then whipped up a quick chocolate cake. That was in between packing up orders ready for the post office. I dropped Josh off and popped round to see my Dad who was feeling a bit depressed at officially being a pensioner! I got home about 5ish, quickly did some tea and then I had to be at the school for the concert at 6 o'clock. Phew!!

The concert was pretty good. I'm amazed at how brave and confident some of these kids are. When I was their age I used to blush if a teacher asked me a question! There is no way I would have had the guts to stand up on stage and perform.

Needless to say I haven't been able to make any beads today. I've still got a couple of sets to put on the website from earlier in the week. Perhaps I'll get round to that tomorrow. Here's a picture of a set of buttons I put in the shop yesterday. I really like these - they're quite random which surprisingly is quite difficult for me to do.

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