Sunday, 11 May 2008

Phew it's hot!!

I love to see the sunshine but I don't like the heat! It's been a tad too hot for me these past few days especially when I'm working. A small room with a low flat roof, a kiln and a hot flame do not go very well with hot weather, trust me. My oxygen concentrator tends to only manage an hour or so before it's had enough too so it's been a frustrating week for beadmaking.

We all had a day off on Thursday and went to Southwold for a day by the sea with fish and chips for lunch. It was really lovely there and considerably cooler than Norwich.

The website will be updated later tonight with a few new beads however. Here's a little preview.


BeadyPool said...

oooh, love the blue blue swirly bead on bottom set. I do have a thing about blue and these beads are lovely - keep up the good work

Earth and Fire beads said...

Thank you Veryan x