Sunday, 31 August 2008

Stupid migraines

I've had a rotten migraine for the last 3 days which has meant that I haven't really done much at all. I did go into the studio yesterday but only lasted an hour and a half before I admitted defeat! I don't think this weather helps either - it's been really close the last couple of days. It built up for a storm this afternoon but it didn't amount to much. Still, the air feels better now and thankfully so does my head.

The summer holidays are nearly finished now - how quickly have they gone? Thankfully, as the boys are home schooled, I haven't had to get caught up in the mad rush for school uniforms, stationery and all that. Bliss!!

On the bead front, I've just listed some new beads on the wesbite and I've put one set on Ebay. I love these red and black beads - so dramatic!

These are the ones on Ebay - Antique Ivory

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Lorraine said...

Ooooh, a bit late, but I've just found you, Rachel. Those beads are just gorgeous. Scrummy reds.