Saturday, 23 August 2008

Updated website!

I've just put some new lampwork beads on my website, in between watching Corrie and Big Brother - I know I'm a saddo! Talking of BB, I'm so glad that awful Nicole has gone. What a sour faced, nasty piece of work she is! Her and Rex are well suited although to be fair Rex has a certain amount of charm which makes him a bit more likeable.

I love these 'Rose Garden' lentils. I've used a frit blend and encased it clear before pressing into lentil shapes. I find frit works much better for me this way as it sometimes tends to pit if used on the surface of pressed beads. I use a coe 96 glass for all my beads made this way so I don't have compatability issues.
I finally got round to updating the customer gallery pages on my website. If you have any pics you'd like included, email them to me and I'll put them on.

A bit of news I meant to share - I was part of an article about British Lampwork in Bead magazine this month. The picture of my beads was a bit pants though!

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